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SIP Video CUBE w/ Media Flow-Through

I’m not sure if this is possible or not but I’m not turning up much in my searches. Here’s the goal I have two CUCM clusters that are tied together via SIP trunks pointed at a CUBE and we’re using it to normalize the dial-plans / do address hiding (media flow through) due to overlapping IP space. This works all well and fine.

What I’d like to do is be able to video across this as well but I’m not sure if 1) video with media flow through is possible on the CUBE. And if so what needs to be done to enable it. To further complicate this the far end cluster has a link to a Microsoft Lync media server which we use for audio conferencing. This works I can dial a pattern on my local cluster -> CUBE -> Remote Cluster -> MS Lync Mediation server and get audio. Now I want to bring in video, I believe that I can do standard CIF with MS Lync which would be good enough to start with, however I think the CUBE is preventing the video call setup.

Any advice would be great and I can provide configs as requested. I’ve checked my region configurations and video BW is available to the devices, trunks involved in the path.


8941 -> Local CUCM 8.6 -> SIP -> CUBE -> SIP -> Remote CUCM 8.6 -> SIP -> Lync Mediation Server


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Try this. conf tvoice service

Try this.


conf t

voice service voip


pass-thru content sdp

Cisco Employee

Make sue that the incoming

Make sue that the incoming/outgoing dial-peers have the correct video codecs in addition to audio codecs.

Video uses dynamic payload vasues and hence you may also want to use "asymmetric payload full" and voice service voip -> sip.





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