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Splitting a PRI into multiple BRIs


I know i can split a PRI in a various ways, what i would like to know is how can i split the PRI and then push the groups to specific BRI ports.

e.g. i have a PRI with 20 lines, i would like to separate it into 4 BRIs and the rest, could i add two vic-bri cards and send those PRI groups/channels to the physical BRI ports so that a customer could plug their stuff in to the ports and then use the rest as normal

I imagine it is something like ds0-groups or trunk-groups but then how can i assign it to a bri, would i use something like a voice-port command etc.?




Re: Splitting a PRI into multiple BRIs

I believe the following application note on will be of interest to you -

The technique is called TDM backplane switching.

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Re: Splitting a PRI into multiple BRIs

A word of warning - I used this setup successfully for a customer a year or two back, but we recently used it again and had some problems...

TAC are now telling us that it isn't a 'supported configuration' despite us pointing out the tech note referenced by pacameron...


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Re: Splitting a PRI into multiple BRIs

Hi Aaron,

Most likely in the most recent installation you are encountering some software bug, unfortunately these are always frequent with cisco.

The TAC claim about this not being a supported configuration is not acceptable. If TAC does not want to deal with this type of configuration, they should take the issue up with marketing and retire or correct the user documentation.

I had worked at cisco and this type of issue were taken seriously, when something didn't worked right, and is very reasonable to expect them to work exactly because the machine is designed to (beside it has worked before), then everyone is expected to contribute to help and not quickly dismiss new applications or technologies.

This can mean that your case need full blown escalation and be brought to engineering for reproduction and study. Cisco has done than in the past and continues to do that again, it is just a matter of involving the right people.

I know it can be a long, painful and frustrating process, but it is worth to do.

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