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t.37 and PVDM2

I am planning to use 2800 series for T.37 onramp. 16 DID ports are using for receving fax. Do i need at least 16 channels Packet Voice/FAX DSP? My basic question is that does T.37 requires DSP?

Pls kindly advise.


Re: t.37 and PVDM2

Yes, you'll need 16 channel packet Voice/FAX DSP


Re: t.37 and PVDM2

Be careful, T.37 and T.38 fax have specific DSP and codec complexity requirements. If you have 16 DID ports (analog?) then you may need a 32-port or 48-port PVDM2 module. Note that the PVDM2-xx modules refer to the number of low complexity, flex6, or flex8 G.711 voice calls only, not more complex codecs such as G.729a, fax or modem relay, or T.37 or T.38 fax on/off ramp. Note also that the TCL script that you run for the fax onramp and IOS version make a difference.

Please provide the exact router model you are deploying this on as well as the intended fax use of the box. What are you T.37 fax relaying to? Another Cisco router?

Please provide the output from the following commands:

'show version'

'show diag'

'show call application voice brief'

'show voice dsp'

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