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T.37 inbound fax, some attachments corrupt

I am running inboung faxing on a 2821XM router, 256MB, 12.3(11)T8 using the on-ramp/off-ramp TCL's (outbound is configured, but not used), with 2xe1's (primarily used for voice). Incoming is working fine for the majority of messages (about 5 mailboxes configured), traffic is typically no more than 100 faxes overall in a single day (across all mailboxes). One user is reporting some attachments, only 3Kb in size, that won't successfully open. These appear to come from a number of external sources (rather than just one), I am still waiting for the user to confirm whether particular external sources consistently fail - although I suspect this is not the case (meaning inbound fax from the same sender would fail once, then be successful the next time). I am also trying to find out whether failiure notifications have been recieved at the other end in instances where the message attachment has been "corrupt".

In the meantime, am I able to view/log any errors that may be occurring on the gateway ? What should I do to monitor memory/dsp usage etc. to ensure this is sufficient ? I am assuming the problem is on the gateway as for inbound faxes, this is where the majority of the work is done and I have no other reliablility issues with any other SMTP dependant applications.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Re: T.37 inbound fax, some attachments corrupt

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