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Tandberg MXP 6000 Portable and VLAN assignment


We have a couple of Tandberg MXP 6000 portable VC units that we'd like to be a bit more "portable".  At present any time someone wants to move the unit to a new location we have to configure a switch port as an access port for our voice/video vlan, obviously because these VC devices do not support CDP for vlan assignment.  I can see no way in the settings to tell the unit which vlan to use.

Ideally I'd like the users to be able to plug these into any wall jack and have the unit assigned the correct vlan, for QoS purposes.  We've tried having the unit move around with its own 8-port switch but anywhere these get plugged in, spanning tree blocks the port because portfast is enabled on the majority of our generic data jacks.

Is LLDP a possibility here?  If so how would I go about configuring this?

Does anyone have any other solutions?

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