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Toll Bypass Question


I have a situation where i want to eliminate tielines between several sites.

I want to use 2600's at the remotes (there are already T1's between sites) and a 3660 at the host site. each remote has a PBX there with a free T1 (Pri I think) port. the only problem is that the host site has only 1 free port as well. can i use drop and insert cards at the remotes and a multiflex T1 module at the host site and kind of aggregate channels into the host site. I dont think you can do it but someone told me that it can be done. If it cant does anyone have any ideas ??



Re: Toll Bypass Question

Often times complex configuration issues are best addressed in an interactive session with one of our trained technical assistance engineers. While other forum users may be able to help, it’s often difficult to do so for this type of issue.

To utilize the resources at our Technical Assistance Center, please visit and to open a case with one of our TAC engineers, visit

If anyone else in the forum has some advice, please reply to this thread.

Thank you for posting.

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Re: Toll Bypass Question

I have tested several PBX-to-PBX configurations, but each has it advantages and disadvantages. If you use Q931 or QSig sigalling, you can with the use of dial-peers route calls to one or more far-end PBXs. If you configure TCCS or trunk line then this will be point-to-point and you are mapping the signalling and bearer channels end to end. We use Nortel Meridian PBXs with their proprietary MCDN signalling so to pass on the supported featuted such as Name Display we have to use TCCS. However if you are happy to just have CLI

and save on hardware at the central site then Q931 and QSig (and possibly CAS, although I have not tested this) will work.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Toll Bypass Question

The problem here is that a PBX signalling channel can only connect to one other PBX. Without adding PBX ports at the home site the only other way to do this would be to use VoIP and let the routers do the call routing, this would only need one PBX port at each site.

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