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Tools to Monitor Jitter/Delay for VoIP


I am looking for tools to Monitor Jitter or Delay for IP Phone to IP Phone call over WAN. We currently have Cisco works 2000 with ITEM2.0 but I don't see any think that help to troubleshoot Voice Quatilty problems.




Re: Tools to Monitor Jitter/Delay for VoIP much are you willing to spend? :)

Here is a list of a few tools that can do that




All of these are very good but they cost. Anyone out there with some cheaper tools?

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Re: Tools to Monitor Jitter/Delay for VoIP

Thanks for reply

Is there anything in Cisco Works 2000 ITEM 1.4 that can do similar job?

Re: Tools to Monitor Jitter/Delay for VoIP

I have been looking through some documents and I don't beleive that you will get what you need from CiscoWOrks. Does anyone else want to chime in if this is not the case?

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Re: Tools to Monitor Jitter/Delay for VoIP

You can use Cisco's Service Assurance Agent to test jitter between two Cisco devices. It is integrated into IOS. After you set up the test, you can then poll the MIBs to collect the statistics. Configuring the two devices closest to each phone could give you the statistics you are looking for.

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Re: Tools to Monitor Jitter/Delay for VoIP

CiscoWorks 2000 IPM package provides a java based front/back ends to SAA (it is called RTR in the IOS of the routers/switches), SAA can simulate a number of applications (ftp, http, VoIP, VideoIP) and measure the correspondent critical parameters (throughput, responce, jitter, latency, packet drops)

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Re: Tools to Monitor Jitter/Delay for VoIP


I like Integrated Research because of the Prognosis Management tool which happens to have a VOIP network Assessment tool that come with it for no extra charge. If you were going to spend the money I would look at the Prognosis tool and get more bang for the buck and be able to manage and monitor the network as well as test.

I have worked with NetIQ Vivanet Manager and Chariot, as well as Prognosis, and Cisco's ITEM.

You can also do some manual calculations with a Sniffer if you have already have one of the many sniffer tools with VOIP protocol support that can track time between packets.

Anyway hope this helps at least give you options. If you want a demo of the Prognosis tool real time ping me offline at

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