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Transfers to hunt group at remote site getting dropped with a fast busy

If a call comes into Order proccesing Hunt group than gets transfered to the Science Hunt Group

Here is the simple topology.

Centralized call proccessing at site #1

     - CUCM 9.0

     - Sinlge 2811 Cube

     - 3Mbps MPLS to remote site with QoS

     - Location of Order Proccessing Hunt Group

Site #2

     - Single 2912 Cube

     - 3Mbps MPLS to Central Site with QoS

     - Location of Sciene Hunt Group

Calls orginiating from the PSTN to the Central site Hunt Group that are transfered to the Remote site Hunt Group are occasionally dropeed with a fast busy.

How do I track down the issue. The most frustrating part is that it is only occassionally.

Thanks in advance for any help!!


Transfers to hunt group at remote site getting dropped with a fa

intermittent issues; those are the best!

Have you been able to produce detailed cucm traces of when this happens.  get your people to write down the DNIS of the call that has issues, and match that up with a timestamp using CDR. Or better, get your users to provide you with an exact timestamp of when it happens.

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