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Unified Communication Manager

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<br /><br />If a company uses the Unified Communication Manager and they want their business to be able to have online sales demonstrations are seen as on way to increase the productivity of their sales staff. An internet based approach to demonstrating each new product to their distributors has been discussed by our staff. Do they need to add the Cisco MXE 3000 series to be able to do the above?

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Re: Unified Communication Manager

It depends on a few factors:

1. The video application that the company is using to distribute the training/demonstration content.

2. How the training/demontration content is captured (e.g. in professional studio, informally captured with consumer cameras) and edited.

3. Is it HD or SD?

4. Does the training and demonstration content need to be further customized, e.g. company logo overlayed on the video?

5. What endpoints the company wants the sales staff to view the content on, e.g. iphone and PC.

Based on the example factors above, if the video content does not need any adaptation, transcoding, editing, and production for the video application to distribute to the desired endpoints, then MXE may not be required. However, we find that in most cases, the customer will have the requirement, and MXE 3000 can play a strong role to extend the reach and effectiveness of video content.

Please refer to

for more information on MXE 3000.

Thank you.

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