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***URGENT*** IPVC 3527 receive calls - video Tandberg


I have a 3527 gateway connected to the TANDBERG. When a receive a call from ISDN network, the first channel is open but the others channels not open. The Telco say that later connected first channel it need receive number of other channels and this number that it receive of my gateway are incorrect. I don't understand because this number that Telco say, don't are configured in my gateway or TANDBERG. If i receive several calls of 64K the same time, it functions.

Can you help me ?

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Re: ***URGENT*** IPVC 3527 receive calls - video Tandberg

see the attachments:

when i receive call from isdn bri (1130453809) the number that appear in gateway is "1138423435".

I don't uderstandig the number "2147483647" when try a bonding, my correct number is 07801072000.

thanks !

Re: ***URGENT*** IPVC 3527 receive calls - video Tandberg

Has this issue been resolved? It looks like the bonding configuration is confused and not sending the proper number back to the originating end for the subsequent channel(s). In your configuration, there is only ONE number assigned to your PRI, but you have RANGE ticked instead of SINGLE NUMBER. You might try checking the SINGLE NUMBER on your PRI PORT->BASICS tab.

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Re: ***URGENT*** IPVC 3527 receive calls - video Tandberg

Thank you ! the problem was resolved. The number of ISDN PRI is configure wich last four numbers of complete number !


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