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VC3515 MCU connectivity with h323 unregister endpoints

We recently purchased the IPVC3515 MCU and I currently have it configured for H323 registering to a cisco IOS gatekeeper which is in turn registered to our CCM 4.02 installation. We just added some Video Advantage cameras that will successfully connect to the MCU thru an H323 trunk. We also have the typical Polycom H323 endpoints that register with the Gatekeeper and will also connect successfully to the MCU. So all that is working as it should.

My question is whether it's possible to allow unregistered endpoints the ability to connect to a conference on the MCU. We eventually want to be able to pull in some H323 video endpoints from the internet and I would rather not require them to register with our GK if at all possible. I can currently call out to an unregistered endpoint from the MCU and it connects successfully. I do this by disabling the gatekeeper in one of my polycom units and than initiate the invite from the MCU. Eventually I plan on doing this with endpoints on the internet but I wanted to keep the whole firewall complexity out of the equasion for now so I am testing on our LAN. However I have not found a way for that same endpoint to call into the MCU without being registered to the Gatekeeper. Does anyont know of a way on the MCU to make this happen? Is there anytype of software or gateway out there that could forward the endpoint into the MCU?

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Re: VC3515 MCU connectivity with h323 unregister endpoints

We have done the same here though we use a Tandberg instead of a Polycom.

It is NOT possible to connect from a H.323 endpoint that is not registered at your gatekeeper.

I know that Tandberg offers border controllers to resolve this issue, have a look at your vendor to figure out what they have.


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