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VIC-2E/M interface to LMR repeater

I am trying to understand how a Cisco VIC-2E/M is suppose to connect to a LMR repeater.

Currently, I have LMR repeaters at remote sites connected using analog 4-wire leased circuits to a central LMR switch at central site. I am trying to replace the 4-wire analog leased circuits with a digital IP network.

Cisco LMR over IP enhancement makes use of the E-Lead and M-Lead Signaling between the E&M voice port on the router and the attached LMR device.

My question is how do I connect the E-Lead and M-Lead when the repeater only accepts 4-wire input? The repeater only needs 4-wire to transmit and receive audio+signal.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: VIC-2E/M interface to LMR repeater

Hi, analog E&M can have differnt number of pins, that are called "types". Search "understanding E&m" on cco, it will guide you to configure to a 4-pin setup.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: VIC-2E/M interface to LMR repeater

I have read the E&M Type II,III and V interface model under the "Land Mobile Radio over IP Enhancement" document. It seems to me that I need to use 6 wires (4 for audio and 2 for E&M) to connect from router to the LMR repeater.

The problem is the LMR repeater is only using 4 wires now. Where do I connect the other 2 wires to?

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Re: VIC-2E/M interface to LMR repeater

I haven't read the LMD doc in full but I assume that even wiring 4 leads (2-wire audio) wouldn't make a difference. The tricky part can be to understand what "type" you repeater wants.

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