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Video from H.323 to H.320

I've configured a gatekeeper, registered two video endpoints, and set up a trunk from callmanager. Everything works great accept for offnet to ISDN. I first tried to route video calls to the callmanager and out the MGCP router, but it will only transmit voice w/o channel there a way to make it work?

Additionally, I tried to set up an H.320 gateway using a 2621XM with an NM-HDV-2VE / VWIC-2MFT-T1. I noticed some commands missing (voice class called & isdn integrate calltype all). I've been through several IOS changes with no luck. Does anyone know what IOS will do the trick, or even if a 2621xm can be used as an H.320 gateway.

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Re: Video from H.323 to H.320

Which sw do you have? you need a recent 12.4T for that. See:

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Re: Video from H.323 to H.320

Awesome...12.4(11)T did it. Now, another problem. I can make calls from the h.323 endpoint through the gatekeeper to the H.320 gateway without any issues (no video calls yet), but I cannot make calls from the PSTN through the gateway...I keep getting Invalid Number Format (Incomplete Number). I'm receiving the right amount of digits for my dial-peer. I tried chaning the number type from ISDN/Subscriber to Unknown/Unknown. I've tried several commands on the gateway to do this, but none have effectively changed the IE fields. Anyone know which commands will do it?

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Re: Video from H.323 to H.320

Hi, it may seem obvious but if you are getting "incomplete number" is because telco thinks that it is the case and they are right usually, so check again "debug isdn q931".

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Re: Video from H.323 to H.320


Make sure that incoming call is matching the desired dial-peer. Try using "incoming called-number" under the desired dial-peer.



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