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Video over ATM causing CRC errors

Has anyone heard of or experienced 4CIF video leaving an ATM interface on a Cisco 3660 (12.3(6a)) and at the next hop ATM switch seeing CRC errors, causing packet loss and bad video at the far end video unit? If the video is switched to CIF resolution the CRC errors stop at the ATM switch and the packet loss/bad video stops.

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Re: Video over ATM causing CRC errors

Unsure this is related, but I recall with IP over ATM, loss of a single ATM cell may cause CRC error for IP packet. Cell loss often occurs when there's insufficient cell rates to support the offered traffic load. Believe 4CIF uses 2x bandwidth of CIF.


12.3 is much further along than 6a. If you have maintenance, you might also consider moving to a more current (perhaps GD) version.

Re: Video over ATM causing CRC errors

After having our network techs put up loops they isolated the errors to be originating from our routers' ATM interface. We are replacing the interface to see if that resolves the issue.

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