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Video Portal not accepting Deployment

Have a new implementation of DMM and VP.

I have created a new program and play list and the rest and am trying to deploy it to the VP server.

1) What are the default username and passwords to either ftp or sftp content to the server?

2) How do I create new accounts on the VP server to accept an ftp or sftp?

3) Where do I setup additional directories on the server/appliance to direct the deployment to?

There is very little in the documentation and nothing in troubleshooting.

My Cisco SE are flying a little blind on this as well.

Anyone from the BU listening?


Re: Video Portal not accepting Deployment

Regarding SFTP: You have to setup your own ftp/sftp server. In this server, you have to create a user with read/write permissions.

In DMM under Setup, Deployment Locations, you need to enter this users name and password, as well as the servers IP address and root directory (ex: /)

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