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Voice over WLAN

Hi there,

I've implemented a couple of 7920 wireless phones. I have configured the 1310 APs with QoS and the phones connect up to CCM fine. The entire local network is QoS enabled.

My problem is that i periodically get 'clicking sounds' when i make or receive calls. This can be very loud and drowns out the other party's voice. Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone give me a heads-up on what to check to eliminate this problem?




Re: Voice over WLAN

Do you have ARP caching configured on the APs?

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Re: Voice over WLAN

It might be a stupid question but have you followed the design guide from survey etc...

With latest firmware on both APs and Phones...

What Authentification do you use and do you have the WDS up and running?

If not using WDS the radius auth can be up to 500mS to authendicate... and have to fully authenticate every time you roam from one AP to another... WDS cut this in half and better if you do CCKM. (Key cacheing Management)

The deployment guide also mention to have these enabled

dot11 arp-cache

dot11 priority-map avvid

dot11 phone

Best regards

Christian Hald

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Re: Voice over WLAN

Thanks guys. The arp-cache fixed it!

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