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Voip calls

hi, any one have idea about making Simultaneous calls via voip from pc or any devices


Re: Voip calls

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Re: Voip calls

hi ,

Thanks indeed Can i make 1000 calls with a single call manager at the same time , assumee i got proper bandwith

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Re: Voip calls

theorically it is possible, but usually CM support what your will support, depending on you

company infrastructure, QOS mapping, Routing and switching topology, Traffic shaping, hardware queuing mechnicisms, and many other factors may prevent you from doing this. They is however RSVP which will only allow a call if end to end bandwitdh is available, this might be more to your needs but there are still many other consideration

1000 call g729 codec with overhead 24000k bandwidth.

but you have simulataneous packet being prioritizes, which kills QOS, you will have a large buffer Q which will increase delay and and jitter since all the packets are DSCP EF46


you would need a High bandwidth to support this and second you have mention is this a voice and data network, ummm.

router model, DSP resoureces, Memory, are still other concerns, but if you have gigabit etnernet and E1-E3 core or greater assuming the basics. I think you should be able to pull this off.

BTW what about Unity messaging system in this scenerio..ummm

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Re: Voip calls

thank you ,

any way i m looking for software that can be used for making calls spam(SPIT),

For my project in university


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