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VOIP over FR with VWIC-2-MFT-T1-DI Card Only

Is VOIP configurable with the above Card?

Here is the scenerio

We have two office connected through Full T1 Frame-Relay Network.

Each office has a PBX, and now we purchased a Cisco 2621 router with VWIC 2-MFT-T1-DI.

I want to assign channels 1-10 for Voice and 11-24 for Data by configuring VOIP over FR.

Can such commands Dial-peer voice 100 pots, and Dial-peer voice 101 voip be configured with the above card?

Please advise


Re: VOIP over FR with VWIC-2-MFT-T1-DI Card Only

It is possible to configure a pots and voip dial-peer for this card. For voice it can be configured as a ds0-group and for data it can be configured as channel-group. Voice configuration for VWIC-2-MFT-T1-DI is same as VWIC-2-MFT-T1 in

addition VWIC-2-MFT-T1-DI has drop and insert. Following link gives more info on this.

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Re: VOIP over FR with VWIC-2-MFT-T1-DI Card Only

With the 2-MFT-T1-DI is this a solid solution or are to much load on the T1 and not a good design given 1 single point of failure.


Corporate office with 9 remote sites each connected via 64k Frac-Frame-Relay and HQ with 1 channelized T1 split up like so; 9 channels for the P2P Frame-Relay sites, 4 Channels for data and 11 channels for voice.

The goal is to incorporate the remote sites data and voice over the FR links. So the 2-MFT-T1-DI would be configured with subinterfaces and dial-peers for 9 remote sites.

Also on another note, Corporate has a PBX with the remote sites will be given extensions. What interface is used to connect the Corporate Gateway to the PBX? E&M or FXO? And how will the PBX forward calls to the gateway which has the PRI for voice.

This seems like to much for the router 2-MFT-T1-DI and a bad design given a single point of failure being the 2-MFT-T1-DI interface.

Thanks in advance for you help..


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