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VoIP Setup without PBXs


I am getting a proposal together to configure 2 LANS for VoIP without using PBXs. I am hoping that I can get some feedback or guidance on an entry level solution as the company is small (about 10 users at both premises).

At each LAN I am hoping to use Cisco IP Phones, connected (by Fast Ethernet) to a QoS capable switch (that may or may not have power for the phones built in), that in turn connects to a Cisco 1751-V. Both sites will be connected via the routers using a 512K leased line to send both the voice and data traffic.

I am also hoping to setup Cisco CallManager 3.x to handle the call routing on a windows platform (probably Windows 2000).

VoIP is completely new to me and am finding it difficult to get through the vast amount of information available on the Cisco website, so I look forward to any feedback on the potential solution.

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Re: VoIP Setup without PBXs


If you don't get a switch that provides in-line power, you will have to provide power at the desk. In either case you will nee to make sure your switch and IP phones are connected to a UPS. Otherwise if you lose power in either facility, you will lose access to phones. This could be real issue if an emergency were to occur and your client does not have the ability to make out going calls, because they lost power.

As for this being new to you, I'd recommend that you get a Call Manager and become familar with it prior to trying to sell consulting services to your client.


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Re: VoIP Setup without PBXs

Hi Gerry,

The first and important thing which I feel you shd be aware that IP Phones are

clients which boot using "Call Manager" placed on servers. It will not be economical to justify cost for investment in Call Manager and IP phones.

You may continue to use traditional phones using fxs interfaces in the router which will be h.323 gateways. You may try and use 1760-V which will help you in achieving 6 telephones on each sites.

Let me hear your response in proceeding in this direction.



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Re: VoIP Setup without PBXs

WIth a small site such as yours, it would be more economical to use H.323 and connect analog phones directly to the FXS ports on a 1751V, or 1760 router.

If you want to use IP telephony, then I suggest you use ITS ( IOS telephony service) on a 26XX-XM router and then you can use it as the tftp-server to hold phone loads for the IP phones, and route calls to any Ip interface in your network. Search on CCO for ITS, or keyswitch. Only certain routers can run the ITS feature.

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Re: VoIP Setup without PBXs

YOu could make a entry level setup like this:

ip phone----3500/4000 switch------router(1700, 2600)--WAN----1700/2600



IP-phone---switch---Call manager

Here is a great place to start for techinical information and tech tips:


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