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2431 IAD - dropped calls when using some features


My question relates to using the 2431 IAD with a Broadsoft switch. I'm having issues with calls dropping when using some of the "flash features", particularly Flash 3-way and Flash Hold.

These features work just fine if the call originates from a phone connected to the IAD, however if the call originates from an outside line, I have problems with calls dropping.

For instance, if I call in to one of the VoIP lines from an outside line and put the call on hold by pushing flash *22, the call is put on hold but then drops when the user tries to pick the call back up off of hold.

Likewise if an outside caller calls into one of the Voip lines and the voip user tries to "flash 3-way" in a 3rd party, the 3rd party is connected to the original calling party but the original called party is dropped.

I am using the "hookflash-info" command under my sip config to get support for the flash features. All other calling and * features work fine. My inbound dial-peers for each one of the extensions have only the destination-pattern configured using the full 10-digit phone number.

Does this issue sound familiar to anyone?



Re: 2431 IAD - dropped calls when using some features

You need a customized TCL script for performing using these flash features. for this script get in touch with Cisco Developer Support.

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Re: 2431 IAD - dropped calls when using some features


I am doing development work using the Broadsoft and IAD 2430, so am very interested in your setup.

Can you contact me at to discuss further?



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