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a T1 that DOESN'T pass DNIS with a Fax line on it

I have a customer that has purchased a CME with a T1 card that I am cutting over tomorrow night and their existing didtal T1 is somewhat of a hybrid "1FB" in the fact that it has 9 numbers that hunt off of a main number and, in this mix of numbers there is an additional number that allows "back-door" calls inbound outside of the hunt. They also have a fax line on this "trunk" that, when calls come in, a fax tone is applied by the CO. This is pretty rare and I am having difficulty in how to go about trimming out the fax line and extra line. Do I have to pin down the carrier to determine which "1FB" is assigned to which channel on the T1? Also, what is the best way to configure this. I was thinking the only way to separate is to create separate DS0 groups, such as:

ds0-group 0 timeslots 1-9 type

ds0-group 1 timeslots 10 type

ds0-group 2 timeslots 11 type

..and so on....

But, am I on the right track here and, if I set it up like this, can I still allow the fax line to be separate if no DNIS is being sent by the carrier. (OH YEAH...I forgot.....the existing MUX the customer is using is an old Adit 600!)

Please help me out, folks!



Re: a T1 that DOESN'T pass DNIS with a Fax line on it

You must write your own VoiceXML document that implements fax detection. Cisco does not provide a VoiceXML script that you can download. Refer URL for more information

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