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affect of negative cache hits and long searches

hi my name is sumit.

In my network there is a frame-relay pvc on 7206 VXR router on which 2 T1's are terminated(from S8700 EPABX) and the bandwidth of this PVC is 600 KBPS. we are using rtp and tcp header compression technique(codec g729r8).7206 router is connected to IGX through HSSI cable and there is a IGX to IGX connectivity from INDIA to US. At US site there is a same network. and it is further connected to AT&T cloud. mainly on this PVC there is inbound traffic which comes from US AT&T cloud.

we are facing a lot of voice quality issues and when i use show frame relay ip rtp header-compression.

the counter negative cache hits and long searches rapidly increases

can somebody help me to solve the problem.

and tell me is there any affect on voice quality if these counters rapidly increases

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Re: affect of negative cache hits and long searches

Is there any one to answer this query..........

any update .............

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