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AS5400 capacity

we have a AS5400 already installed a CT3 card, but only use 12 T1. So can we install other two 8CT1 card on this service to use together(because we have a contract with different telecom service provide)?

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Re: AS5400 capacity

Which exact 5400 model do you have ?

20 x T1 on a single box seems a bit high, you might consider getting a second router for the new circuits.

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Re: AS5400 capacity

we have a Cisco AS5400HPX, it's max capacity is 28T1, I want to know if it is possible we can use 12T1 on one CT3 card together with another 16T1 on another two 8CT1 cards on the same box?


Re: AS5400 capacity

The above is not doable because:

- the HPX has 7 slots in total

- you are using 1 for CT3 and 2 for 8CT1

- in the remaining 4 slots if you add DSP cards, you get 4 * 108 = 432 max

- Hence you can only go upto 432/24 = 18 T1s total

If you use the newer AS5400XM, this is doable, as that box has higher DSP densities per slot. I see there is a trade in program for this if you are interested:

Customers can use the Cisco Technology Migration Plan (TMP) to trade in products and receive credit toward the purchase of new Cisco equipment. For more information about Cisco TMP, go to The Cisco TMP application requires all users to have a user ID.

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