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Bandwidth Allocation

Dear Netpros,

We have a Cisco AS5350 4E1 Gateway which we are using to terminate voice calls coming from Tier 1 carriers over the internet. Now currently we have a bandwidth of 1 Mbps and we have 2 customers using this bandwidth for sending voip traffic. We are soon going to have another Tier 1 Carrier testing with us and we were wondering if we could allocate bandwidth customer wise. This means that each customer can use only a % of the total bandwidth. Currently there are seperate tech-prefixes and seperate dial-peers configured on the gateway for these customers. Is there any was we can achieve this. If yes then kindly let us know the procedure to achieve this.



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Re: Bandwidth Allocation

A few options are possible. You may choose the one based onyour convinience. The options are: -

a. Have your gatekeeper make the bandwidth choice based on the tech-prefix

b. If you have a set of E1-s dedicated for each customer, assign a trunk-group

for this set and make your dial-peer choice based on the trunk group number

of the incoming PSTN call.

c. You can use 'max-connection ..' under dial-peer voip configuration

to restrict the number of calls that can simultaneously be active using

a dial-peer. Based on the codec you have in your dialplan, this

command can be used to restrict the number of outgoing calls through

a given dialpeer

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