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New Member

Basic design questions

I have a couple basic design questions. I am very new to VOIP and want to make sure we are going in the right direction for equipment. We have a simple set up that we are planning out. Approximately 50 ->80 users with the same amount of PCs and phones. The PCs may be switched through the phones to avoid multiple Ethernet drops. Like I said we are at the beginning stages.

- What type of switch would you recommend to switch these phones and PCs? We will try to VLAN the PCS and phones to keep them separate. We will also try to use PoE.

- If the phone has a port and can act as a switch for the PC, can we VLAN within the phone itself? We want the PCs and phones on different subnets. Any suggestions would help.

Any insight on the very basic design aspects would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Basic design questions

I would use the 65xx style switch with the PoE power supplies. You will need to segment the phones to a separate VLAN. I would use Private VLAN's for the phones. You will also have to look into using QOS to assure the voice traffic gets from point A to point Z within the MOS specs....

Super Bronze

Re: Basic design questions

Hi Shane

For that size install (unless you have loads of rack space and a pile of money the size of your office that you need to shift) I probably wouldn't use a 6500...

With that many users on a network (if you are daisy-chaining the PCs off the back of the phones) you are looking at a total port count of maybe 100 (given some extras for printers etc).

A more likely choice would be a 3750 stack... Search for them on Just get maybe 2 or 3 3750-48-PS-S (PS signifies PoE support) switches, they connect using stacking connectors at the back (which are supplied with the switches, enough if you mount them all together in a rack). You can mix different flavours/port counts of 3750s in a stack, just like a chassis but cheaper..

They have all the features (QoS, VLANs, routing, PoE) etc you need for a proper voice deployment.

You don't VLAN on the phones as such, you just configure the ports on the switch as access ports in the VLAN you want your PCs to be in, then configure a 'switch voice vlan x' commmand to put your phones in the VLAN you want them to be in.

This splits the two devices on the same port into the two VLANs.



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New Member

Re: Basic design questions

I'll second Aaron's response. To save some money, look at 3560's. Do take note of power distribution with 48-port versions of either switch.

The VLAN setup you describe will be easy to implement.

I would run at least two cables to each drop in order to handle the ad-hoc need that always arises.

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