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Basic Qos question & shaping


we have a corp office with 20mb EFM connection into an MPLS network.

We have 100+ remote offices, some using the same size EFM pipe and others using VDSL @ 80/20mb & ADSL 20/2.5mb to 8/1.2mb.

Now they are all hitting the corp office and we're suffering from choppy, robotic, underwater sounding voices which is sporadic but only when it traverses the MPLS network which has QoS enabled

I suspect that we need to traffic shape on the corp & branch office outgoing and prioritise VoIP on these.

Also to police the incoming on the corp office.

Does anybody have any idea what sort of limits I should be setting for the shaping and policing eg I don't think outgoing at the branch office shape should be set to 20mb (corp office limit) but reduced to a limit where it's probably unlikely that all branch offices will reach 20mb agregate outgoing at once.


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Re: Basic Qos question & shaping


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Does your MPLS cloud support QoS?  If not from what you describe, you want it to do so.

If your MPLS cloud supports QoS, and you're using it correctly, then what you need to do is manage any bottleneck to the cloud.  For interfaces where there's a logical cap less than the physical interface, you'll want to shape to the logical cap.

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Re: Basic Qos question & shaping

To add to what Joseph said.  After identifying your cloud (provider) support QOS, you want to know what they are marking at so you can use that into the cloud.  Most times good carriers will make available their markings on the accesable customer sites or require you contact them for this information.

1. Confirm MPLS cloud supports QOS.

2. Mark traffic into cloud with markings supported in cloud for your varous traffic types.

3. Confirm your MPLS cloud trust your markings.  The carrier might require an additional charge to this (not free most times).

4. Analyze your traffic to know how to further fine tune traffic for desired results.  Remember your voice traffic is not the only traffic types you have.

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