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both analog phones connected to FXS ringing


I have a weird problem.

I have connected a land line to FXO, two analog phones to FXS, computer with 3CX (kind of asterisk) to 2600 router.

The incomming calls to the FXO routed to the computer with the 3CX software wich plays IVR. From the computer the IVR forward the call to analog phone 1 or 2 according to what key the caller presses.

The problem is that if the caller presses 1 the phone number 1 doesn't ring but a sniffer that I running on the computer shows that SIP invite packet beibg sent to the router. If the caller presses 2 SIP packets getting sent to the router, but both of the phones ringing.

Any1 have any idia how to fix that ?

attached files:

Network topology : topology.png

Sniffer capture file : 101.pcap (phone doesn't ring) 102.pcap (both phones are ringing)

Router's configuration : router-confg.txt

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