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Buffer leakage on AS5300

Has anyone found buffer leakage in the small pool that appears to be due to buffers being allocated to the Serial interfaces Se0:0-31 etc, example :

Public buffer pools:

Small buffers, 104 bytes (total 2460, permanent 50, peak 2461 @ 00:44:15):

32 in free list (20 min, 150 max allowed)

745136 hits, 3270 misses, 43 trims, 2453 created

39 failures (0 no memory)

Middle buffers, 600 bytes (total 25, permanent 25, peak 40 @ 14:50:58):

22 in free list (10 min, 150 max allowed)

130671 hits, 5 misses, 15 trims, 15 created

0 failures (0 no memory)

It seems that when a call is placed out on the timeslot of the E1, the interface is brought up and a buffer is allocated for HDLC encapsulation, however when the call is cleared, the buffer remains allocated. The result is that memory is gradually being lost as more and more calls arrive. Currently, I having to reload the router on a daily basis - help!!

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Re: Buffer leakage on AS5300

Upgrade IOS.

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Re: Buffer leakage on AS5300

I could to that, but the odd thing is that this started just recently and all changes made since it started have been rolled back. Is this a known issue??

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Re: Buffer leakage on AS5300

That belongs to a class of bugs called "memory leak", very common in IOS.

Best fix, run a version that doesn't have the issue.

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