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C881 port forwarding

Hey guys,

I have a c881 that has an ATA plugged into one of the ports. How do i forward all sip traffic coming in to that ATA?

I know how to define this on a 5505 but not on this router

basically anything coming into the tunnel10 interface or fast4 that is 5006-5012 send to this IP 10.x.x.x

thanks in advance!!


Re: C881 port forwarding

Below are the steps require to configure port forwarding:

: Telnet to Router and enter provided username and password

Then follow these steps to setup port forwards

1)To enter Admin Mode ( will require root password )

Type enable at the prompt

2) To show currently configured Interfaces ( there could be several )

Type show ip interface at the prompt.

3)To show Current Port Forwards on Router

Type show ip nat translations at the prompt.

4) To Enter Configuation Mode

Type configure at the prompt.

5) To add Port Forwarding rules modify then type the following commands at the prompt.

Note: "BVI1" was the found interface name from running command "show ip interface"

ip nat inside source static (TCPorUDP) (YourCompsIP) (PortToForward) interface BVI1 (PortToForward)

6) To forward port 3389 TCP to the computer that had the 172.x.x.x ip address you would do the following.

ip nat inside source static tcp 3389 interface BVI1 3389

End Configure Session

Press CTRL-Z

Once you have entered the config, test it out and if it works,issue this command to make it persistent:

copy run start

When it says

Destination filename [startup-config]?

just press enter.

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