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CAll does not disconnect on AS5350

We are implementing a voice over IP calling system.

As we did not get an digital E1 from Telcom company, We use a channel

bank to convert the analog lines and make it to an E1.

This E1 is connected to the CISCO AS5350 E1 port.

The IVR is configured through a Radius Server. The

problem is explained as below.

After making a call through the lines and Cisco, the

line is not getting disconnected immediately once we

hang up the phone. it stays connected about 70 to

80 seconds after hanging up the phone from our end.

This is creating very problem for billing our


The channel bank details:

The channel bank has got a polarity reversal

configuration for the disconnect supervision. we had

an out going polarity reversal on our lines from

Telecom compnay. We tested with this and it was not working. As

per the Channel Bank Manufacturer, we need to have an

incoming polarity reversal on the lines.

We are trying for an incoming polarity reversal on the


The call is not getting terminated once the line is

hang-up. The CISCO thinks as if the line is connected.

Once we make a just a ring on the channel bank, the

channel bank disconnects after fifteen seconds. When

we make a call through the system it takes, around 70-

80 seconds to disconnect after we hang up our side.

When we monitor the line after a call hang-up, we hear

the busy tones on the lines from Telecom comapny and at the same

time the connection to the line.

The CISCO has got 2 E1 Ports. Configured according to

the channel bank manufacturer.

Hope U have got our problem, the line is not

disconnecting. Either the CISCO is not able to read it


the channel bank is not able to supply it. We request

you to kindly study the problem and suggest us any

configuration changes required. We welcome your


Technical Details

1. We have a cisco AS5350 and valiant communication channel bank.

Plz try to advice me on this, and help meout of the situtaiton.


Atfi Duarize

Network Engineer


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Re: CAll does not disconnect on AS5350

Hi Atfi,

Would you mind sharing your config. May be we could help you in a better way. Thanks

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Hello, Please, send us your



Please, send us your config.


Best Regards.

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