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Call Forwarding of IPC-line

Hello all,

I have a situation where afterhours I have Unity fwd all calls to an IPC-line of 8140. 8140 fwds calls to a cell phone and I have been asked to make it work so that if the cell phone user (oncall person) doesn't get to the call it reverts back to the voicemail of the original called number.

Here is what I have:

Person dials 3699, CUCM fwds all to Unity Call handler of 3699, the CH fwds to # 8140 on CUCM, callers hears greeting "Your call will be forwarded to oncall support". This is where if the oncall person doesn't answer the call  we want it to revert to Unity vmailbox not cellphone vmail. The vmailbox I want to fwd to is 8139.

Has anyone done this?

Thanks for the help.


Re: Call Forwarding of IPC-line

You are going to need to look into the Mobility capabilities.  Unity is doing a blind transfer so once the call is handed off to the phone that has a Call Forward All rule set up then that CFA rule applies.  In this case, once the call is handed off to the carrier's network and the cellular phone, the expected behavior is that the call will go to the VM of the cell phone.

With mobility, the call would actually be forked out (i.e., uses 2 PRI resources - one for inbound, another for outbound) but the if the call is not answered on the cellular phone - CUCM can tear down that session and send the caller to VM on Unity.  You'll need to tweak and play with timers but this can work.  Depends on what version of CUCM you are on.

In 4x, this is a separate application.  In 6x and above, the capabilities are built-in.  What you'll need specifically is to look at Mobille Voice Connect which is one component of the CUCM's overall "Mobility" feature.


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Re: Call Forwarding of IPC-line

Hi David,

Yes, that is exactly what I did, sorry I didn't post this information. I created an IPC phone and used an rdp-profile to tie the two together and it works great.

Thanks again for responding.


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