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Call Privilege

Hii all,

I am using two CCM 5.1 in different cluster, one MCS 7835 is in 1st Cluster and another MCS 7815. some customer's IP Phone registered in 1st Cluster . and some customer's IP Phone registered in 2nd Cluster. And also our one Helpdesk IP Phone registered in 1st Cluster for customer support. Now I want to give some call privilege for my customers.I want that any customer can be call in their own department's IP Phones and our Helpdesk phone only , not any other customers IP phone. and I think for that It required to assign different partition for every customer and our Helpdesk phone also.but that time I am facing a problem that from Helpdesk Phone , I can call any customer of 1st Cluster but I can not call any customer phone of 2nd cluster because of that I could not assign the partition name of customer which registered in 2nd cluster for Calling Search Space of Helpdesk Phone's.

What is the solution for the same?

plzz help me as soon as possible

Thanks and regards


Cisco Employee

Re: Call Privilege

Hi Madhab,

I am not sure I totally understand your question. Here is my understanding of what you are asking for:

Helpdesk phone in cluster 1 needs to be able to call all phones in cluster 2. No other phones in cluster 1 can call cluster 2.

If this is the case then try the following:

- Assign a new partition to the ICT in cluster 1

- Add the partition to the CSS assigned to the helpdesk phone

- Create a new CSS in cluster 2 that contains all of the customer paritions

- Add this CSS to the ICT in cluster 2

This will allow only the helpdesk phone to place a call through the ICT and allow the ICT in cluster 2 to extend the call to all phones.



New Member

Re: Call Privilege

Hii Kevin,

I am giving u the details of my problem.

I am attaching a file with details of cluster info.

plz find the attachment.

and Help me as soon as possible


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