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call transfer

dear experts,

we have voip calls being terminated at a 3640 router fxs ports ,i wanted to know if there are any configurations available, to give the call recipient the ability of transfering the call to another fxs port on the same router,

if there is not ,can anyone help me with downloading the following TCL script file from the link below,

I would realy appreciate it if anyone could help me in this regard.

Best Wishes,


New Member

Re: call transfer

I won't help you download software unless you have a license or contract. However, what you are talking about is local call hairpinning and can be done by configuring the OLD H450 call transfer method, which is rather outdated since 12.2 or you can use the newer TCL script that does this mechanism FOR YOU with just a few "service application" commands. The TCL script you need is called:


Here is a sample of what the config would look like:


service transfer flash:app-h450-transfer.

paramspace english index 1

paramspace english language en

paramspace english location flash:

paramspace english prefix en



start transfer transfer

dial-peer voice 100 voip

description incoming number for IVR

service transfer

incoming called-number 6000

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

codec g711ulaw

no vad

The "service transfer" command above applies the TCL script to all traffic referenced for the "incoming called-number" in the dial peer above. You can also use this command to apply the TCL script globally to ALL your dial-peers

call application global

** Of course this is for a 3745, so for the 2800 / 3800 ISRs or the new 12.4 code, the naming convention of the config will be a little different. Here is web link explaining the h450 transfer config in more detail:

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