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Caller-ID Name possible with Facility IE and H.323?

CallManager 4.1(3)SR2

Gateways on 12.3T, H.323

I have PRI's to the telco, 5ESS switchtype, and they are sending me the CallerID name in a facility IE. The PRI also works if I use NI or QSIG switch types.

Is there any way to get CM to accept the Caller ID Name in a Facility IE? I know you can do this with MGCP using QSIG or NI2/3, and I know if I got the telco to change the switch so it sends me Display IE that would work as well.

But do I have any options here? I have tried to configure "isdn supp-service name calling" and with QSIG/NI/5ESS I still cant see it on my phone (incidently I am testing with an IP Communicator phone but that shouldn't matter I don't think).

Any ideas?


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Re: Caller-ID Name possible with Facility IE and H.323?

So you have already seen this apparently:

callmanager 4.x also has this:

Callmanager likes to see it in the display IE instead of the facility IE, if you can change the switch to send that it may work.

Hope this helps.

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