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Caller-ID problem

Hi friends,

I have PBX connected to a router T1 controller. This router is connected to the remote site with iplc link. On the remote side we have another router and a E1 controller installed with an another pbx.

The problem is that when users from the head office calls to remote side. Remote users do not get numbers of the users who have dialed. I.e caller ID. I need some help on this issue. The configuration is attached in the form of text file .

New Member

Re: Caller-ID problem

FGD is the only variant of T1 CAS that supports ANI and Cisco supports it along with the FGD-EANA variant. In addition to FGD functionality, FGD-EANA provides certain call services, such as emergency (USA-911) calls. With FGD, the gateway supports the collection of ANI inbound only. With the use of FGD-EANA, a Cisco 5300 is able to send ANI information outbound as well as collecting it inbound. This latter capability requires the user of the fgd-eana signaling type in the ds0-group command, with ani-dnis option and calling-number outbound command in the POTS dial-peer. The calling-number outbound command is supported only on the Cisco 5300 as of Cisco IOS Software Release 12.1(3)T.

Here is more details.

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