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Can CPTONE be used for dialtone disconnect?

I have kind of an odd setup question I hope someone can help me with.

I have a VOIP setup with FXO loop start analog on one end and FXS LS (T1) on the other end.

The FXS side is a 2600 running C2600 Software (C2600-SPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(3a).

I'm trying to change what the Cisco plays on the FXS LS side when the FXO side hangs up.

After the 'timeouts call-disconnect' timer expires on the FXS port it sounds like it is playing basically a sort of reorder or fast busy tone. The tone is coming from the FXS router as the FXO end of the connection is showing on-hook.

I would like to change that tone that it plays to standard dial tone. I'm trying to get the cisco to trigger a device that looks for dialtone disconnect to hangup and free the port quicker. As it is now I have to set 'timeouts call-disconnect 30' so the cisco plays nothing and the device ends up hanging up from a silence timeout. This keeps the ports tied up longer then I would like though. I believe this tone is being played when the channel status is either in FXSLS_OFFHOOK_ALERT or in FXSLS_PARK.

I believe this would be done with a custom cptone setup but I am unable to make that work.

My first problem is simply in assigning the custom cptone settings to the port. All the documentation on how you set that is shown for the FXO side and the router and my router doesn't accept those commands on the FXS side.

Basically the only option I have is to use the pre-definied cptone country codes. In the list of pre-defined codes it does list "C1 Custom1" and "C2 Custom2".

So I created a C1 custom cptone as follows for a test... basically trying to configure everything to sound like a dialtone...

voice class custom-cptone C1

dualtone busy

frequency 350 440

dualtone ringback

frequency 350 440

dualtone reorder

frequency 350 440

dualtone out-of-service

frequency 350 440

dualtone number-unobtainable

frequency 350 440

dualtone disconnect

frequency 350 440

and if I assign that to an FXS port 'cptone C1' I still get the same alert tone being played. So I don't know if the port is actually using the above custom cptone or if what it is playing isn't based on the cptones at all.

Anyone else have a similiar problem or solution?



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