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Can't change 2-wire to 4-wire on VWIC2 MFT?


I've been trying to find ways to change "2-wire" to "4-wire" on the VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1 on my 2801. Any ideas?

Voice card specific Info Follows:

Operation Type is 2-wire

E&M Type is 1

Signal Type is immediate

Dial Out Type is dtmf

I tried going into the Voice port menu, but not in there.

RWCPBX(config)#voice-port 0/3/0:1


Voice-port configuration commands:

auto-cut-through E & M auto cut-through without answer signal

bearer-cap Specify the bear capability

busyout Configure busyout trigger event & procedure

comfort-noise Use fill-silence option

compand-type The companding type for this voice port

condition Condition Signaling bit patterns

connection Specify Trunking Parameters

cptone Configure voice call progress tone locale

default Set a command to its defaults

define Define Signaling bits

description Description of what this port is connected to

dial-type Configure type of dialer for voice

disc_pi_off close voice path when disconnect with PI received

echo-cancel Echo-cancellation option

exit Exit from voice-port configuration mode

fake-answer-disable Disable E&M fake answer for trunks hung in EM_PARK state

idle-detection Idle code detection for digital voice

ignore Ignore RCV Signaling bits

input Configure input gain for voice

music-threshold Threshold for Music on Hold

no Negate a command or set its defaults

non-linear Use non-linear processing during echo cancellation

outgoing-cas Set delay on outgoing CAS connection

output Configure output attenuation for voice

playout-delay Configure voice playout delay buffer

shutdown Take voice-port offline

snmp Modify SNMP voice port parameters

station-id Configure station ID

threshold Threshold [noise] for voice port

timeouts Configure voice timeout parameters

timing Configure voice timing parameters

translate Translation rule

translation-profile Translation profile

trunk-group Configure interface to be in a trunk group

voice-class Set voiceport voice class control parameters

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Re: Can't change 2-wire to 4-wire on VWIC2 MFT?


when E&M signaling is configured on digital interface like the VWIC is, 2 or 4 wires operation is not applicable because there are no wires at all, and reported only for compatibility with the analog E&M card.

Consequently, you cannot configure that and it will not make any difference to effect of the connection.

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Re: Can't change 2-wire to 4-wire on VWIC2 MFT?

That make sense. Thanks for the info.

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