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CCM 6.x SIP trunk to fax board

I'm working to get our CCM 6.x environment connected to our SIP based fax solution. I setup a SIP trunk, route group and route list (pointed numbers at the list) I'm not sure what are the next steps. I'm not so worried about T38 as we're running G711 in our environment. Do you guys have any recommendations? I've seen quiet a few posts about terminating the SIP connection to a router or CUBE device but that seems overkill in our environment. My initial reading shows I can setup the SIP connection from the CCM server directly to the SIP fax card.. thoughts?


Re: CCM 6.x SIP trunk to fax board

For SIP trunk connections to third-party devices, such as SIP-based PBXs or service-provider IP PSTN connections, Cisco recommends the use of Delayed Offer for outbound calls from Unified CM and either Delayed Offer or Early Offer for inbound calls to Unified CM.SIP trunks can use either TCP or UDP as a message transport protocol.Fax gateway can be registered as a SIP gateway and use the configuration of MTA.

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