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CCM Route Patterns

Hi there,

have a customer that has a route pattern [3-8]XXXXXX to maske pstn calls through an mgcp gateway.

now he also has internal extensions 7xx. when trying to call the extension it waits the 10 seconds then proceeds to call.

my quesiton is

how do i get it to recognise that its internal other than placing a 9 before the PSTN pattern?


Re: CCM Route Patterns

The only thing I can suggest is seperating out your 7 digit dialing route patterns. The first question, however, is: does this site have local numbers that begin with a 7? If not, then you can change the route pattern to be [34568]XXXXXX and things should work OK.

For as long as you have overlapping route patterns, you will always have interdigit timeout.


Re: CCM Route Patterns

well, neither is an option at this point. we do have local cellular numbers starting with 7 and thats where the problem is.

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Re: CCM Route Patterns


You may try to use a # sign at the end of the pattern -7xx#- if it is suitable for the users. By this way the users will not have to wait for 10sec -that is the interdigit timeout- but have to press # instead.

Hope this helps.


Re: CCM Route Patterns

guys thanks for all the help.

the # sign was also an option i tossed up but didnt go well with the IT manager. we are doing an upgrade on the entire system with ccm 5.1 and we decided that users will press 9 to get an outside line. this will solve the issue.

thanks again

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Re: CCM Route Patterns


I've seen folks change the interdigit timeout

for cases like this. I think around 5 sec's works for both route patterns w/out causing other issues...

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