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CDR AS5400 CDR AS5400 CDR AS5400 Veiw???


can i show CDR for AS5400?

if yes how?

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Re: CDR AS5400 CDR AS5400 CDR AS5400 Veiw???


First I am assuming your gateway is using H323 or SIP...

You may not be able to see the exact radius attributes and values via a show command, but you can get same info from

"show call history voice"

If its an active call, "show call active voice", or "show call active voice brief".

Or you can enable calltracker. You can also specify how many entries to retain, etc.

Then view the calltracker history.

mssol-5300-15m(config)#calltracker history ?

max-size Maximum number of calls in CT's History Table

retain-mins Maximum time a call is kept in CT's History Table

mssol-5300-15m(config)#calltracker history

Make the call, then...

mssol-5300-15m#show call calltracker history

I do NOT recommend running the following command in a production network, but if one wanted to

see the exact radius attributes for voip calls, you could enable the following debug...

debug voip aaa

Hope this helps.

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Re: CDR AS5400 CDR AS5400 CDR AS5400 Veiw???

1) Have an SNMP application such as Cisco Works Voice Mgr or similar to poll the Voice Gateway - the MIBS polled should include IF_MIB (DS0 usage) and CALL HISTORY MIB (CDRs for duration)

These are all well defined here - under AS5400XM

2) Use CDRs to get the call duration. CDRs can be logged in 2 ways:

a. Syslog server

b. Radius VSA

The CDR's are logged in a raw format and you would find call duration via the delta between connect & disconnect time - this means you need an external application to parse the CDR output and extract the relevant information.

3) Use a script to look at the CLI output and calculate the above:

show isdn active <<< ACTIVE DS0 usage for PRI calls

show isdn call-rate <<< CALL RATE in calls per seconds (cps) historically

show call history voice <<< actual CDR

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