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CDR collection, and ODBC to ms sql

Hi there,

I have a problem,

I have a gatreway that dose voip,

I collect the radius accounting logs with cisco secure in csv file.

I am eve geting them by configuring an odbc drive to collecte them in to a sql server.

everything work fine.

the onli problem is that in eah colum I get the name of the colum. for example. in the colum

h323-disconnect-time i get this

h323-disconnect-time=01:05:13.983 PARIS Sat Jul 5 2003

my question is that , in the colum "h323-disconnect-time" can we juste get "01:05:13.983 PARIS Sat Jul 5 2003" and not get "h323-disconnect-time=01:05:13.983 PARIS Sat Jul 5 2003"

to resolve a bit this, I am doing extraction via sql argumet, and it is working.

now I will have more traffic, and if i make sql work like this, w wil get crazy! and me too !

so dose ay one have a solution for this ?



Re: CDR collection, and ODBC to ms sql

This query is related to ODBC and has nothing to do with VoIP. I feel your sql query contains the argument "column" and hence it is also being retrieved and displayed each time. So all you need to do is, check the sql query and delete the argument "column" from it.

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