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New Member

cisco ata 186

Dear Readers,

We are using Mitel 3300ICp as a call manager and we are using mitel ip phones.We need to use fax from the we purchased a Cisco ATA186 device.The device came with ata186 sccp signalling.I upgraded to cisco ata 186 sip signalling version 3.2.1.I can able to get the dial tone if i connect a analog telephone in phone 1 port,but i cannot able to make calls.need solution.


Re: cisco ata 186

Symptom: Cannot place call.

Possible Cause: Recipient has not registered the IP phone.

Recommended Action: Register the IP phone.

Possible Cause: Ethernet cable is not connected.

Recommended Action: Make sure that all cables are connected.

Cisco Employee

Re: cisco ata 186

If the ethernet cable was not plugged in, then it would be difficult, dare I say impossible to change from SCCP to SIP software. So scrub that suggestion.

Since it sounds like the issue actually is related to registration, then the suggestion to 'register the device' likewise doesn't get us any further in solving the issue.

What might help here is to run the ATA debugging application. Refer to the link below that details the 'pserv' utility. This runs in a DOS window and uses the nprintf IP address in the ATA config to establish a debug session -

The example above is for H323, but in the case of SIP the messages should give a reasonable understanding of the SIP call states. You could also SPAN (Switchport Analyser) the switch port and run wireshark to get a packet capture, then use the VOIP call analysis to determine why the ATA is not functioning correctly.

Assuming you are using a Cisco switch, learn all about SPAN here -

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