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We are consurtium of schools in the north eastern US and we are looking to integrate voice with our data network(s). We are looking to purchase a few Catalyst Express 500 and since we have a T1 line and can change and/or add if necessary, we would like to be set up as our own in-house ITSP. We would appreciate any insite on this, including suggestions on equipment, bandwidth source, etc as we are looking to install the best possible voice network from scratch.


Re: Convergence


There is a lot to think about depending on the size of the network the amount of phones the applications you want to run accross your network.

Examples of things to think about:

What is the peak volume of calls in a day the most calles between sites at one time. Take that number and times it by about 24-32k to decide if you have enough bandwidth at this time to handle your peak. Cisco has some bandwidth calculators for voice some where on the site so go look at that for better guess at bandwidth needed.

How many phones will be put into place at each site.

Will there be video conferenceing in the future.

Do you want to extend the capabilites of your phones using xml applications. IE I was reading in packet magazine that some schools uses the Cisco IP phone to take attendance for each classroom saveing a lot of time not haveing to have someone manually enter attendance into the system.

If your really looking for some reading material about QOS and what it entails I recommend you read the following book.

If your not familar with working on a network that is designed to scale for voice I recommend hire a contractor who is familar with desging a network for long term use and scalability.

It's not often that you get to build a Voice enabled network from scratch so try not to let it get cludged together.


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