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I have a SIP gateway that has mulitiple customers on it that points all calls to the CSPS. I am collecting CDR for the calls from the CSPS. The question is how do I differentiate customers in the CDR?


Re: CSPS and CDR

Why don't you forget the word "CDR" and go with AAA :)

OK, now seriously - you could use the Radius AAA feature at the Cisco gateway. Cisco support AAA not only for H323 but for SIP as well. Just setup a Radius server (like FreeRadius, for UNIX/Linux) and configure the voice gateway to send authentication and accounting (or configure just the accounting)

Read this link and you will get all the info you need to do this in a professional manner:

If you still insist on collecting the CDRs from the CSPS, could you show me some example CDRs?

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Re: CSPS and CDR

I agree with his view, Infact I have done that as well for billing, that time i was using Quintum, that gateway had a feature called timeout. By default its set to 3 min. So what happens when we use the radius feature is, the call will cutt off after 3 minutes, If the gateway doesnt get proper response from radius server. Because radius uses tcp. (so there should be acknowledgement). I dont know if cisco have any default timers.

The main advantage is, when we use the radius billing , the load on GK can be reduced by static routing. If we use the static routing, then CDRs wont work.Only radius billing will be possible. I strongly suggest to use radius billing. But there are soo many small things you have to take care while you implement these things.Else it can be a big headache. Because when i used this last time, the calls which are getting in AAA, will get billed. Both in & out, anyway it was a small config errior. what i meant is, there are soo many things to be taken care of, when you use the radius billing feature, Believe me its very powerful.


p sylvester

Re: CSPS and CDR

...Because Radius uses UDP, not TCP :)

So there should be NO acknowledgement.

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Re: CSPS and CDR

Listed below is the Pros and Cons I came up with for collecting CDR from the gateway and CSPS. The pros of the CSPS were enough for me to decide that this would be my preferred way of implementing. I have also attached a CDR example (I had the customer provide caller-id) and the configuration on the gateway.

Gateway CDR Collection



-NAS-Port call came in on

-Call duration in seconds


-Start/Stop record for both the telephony side and VoIP side (4 Start/Stop records per call)

CSPS CDR Collection



-Only two record per call (1 start, 1 stop)

-The carrier the call was completed to

-Centralized collection of CDR


-Manipulation needed to figure out call duration

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Re: CSPS and CDR is a company specialized in processing CCME/UC500 Call Detail Records (CDRs) via RADIUS and the Internet.

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