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Debug voip


I have a PRI from a 7206 to a Definity G3R. Doing a show isdn status and a debug isdn q921 shows and confirms the PRI being up. However when i dial the remote i don't see the call hit the 7206. What are some of the debug commands i can use to verify this


Cisco Employee

Re: Debug voip

I am not clear what you mean by dial the remote. Can you clarify the call flow a little more clearly.

If you are dialing from the Definity into the PBX, then the first debug to run would be a debug isdn q931 which will allow you to verify if we receive the setup message from the definity. If you don't see any output here, and layer 2 is at multiple frames established, then your problem is on the PBX

If you are making a call from an IP network out the 7206 towards the PBX, then the debugs that you run will vary depending on what protocol you are running.

The most generic debug for troubleshooting this would be

debug voice ccapi inout

this would be a place to start as it will give you clues as to what dial-peers are being matched.. etc

Depending on the protocol you are using here are some other useful debugs

debug h225 asn1 (h.323)

debug ccsip message (sip)

debug mgcp packet (mgcp)

I hope that gets you started.


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