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Default Dial-peer

I have three PRI's running onto my router, with around 500 phone numbers on it. If there is a phone number on the PRI from teh telco but no associated DP on the router, then the call takes up all remaining trunks as it searches for a home.

The fix for this is to make sure that there is a DP for each number and point it to session target ipv4:

But we have clients that shut down all the time, and with their DP still there and not removed, we run into the same problem.

Is there anyway I can creat one DP that say, if you don't find a better match for any incoming call send it to

Any ideas?


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Re: Default Dial-peer

First of all you should find out why a call can possibly take all the trunk in lack of better routing. How many hunting attempts, where, and why ?

The if you configure anothe DP for the destionation to, just set a better preference for the regualt first, no huntstop, then huntstop on the alternate DP.

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Re: Default Dial-peer

My understanding of it is, if you have a phone number on the PRI from the Telco, you need to have a DP for it.

Here is what I see with a show voice call status:

The first two are normal calls.

The last bunch is one call made to 1234564321, but there is no DP. It is a valid number on our

PRI but no DP on the router. It is using DP 998 as that is the .T for all outbound calls. So when it does not

find a matching DP on the router it uses the .T (998) and trys to go to the PSTN,

which in turn sends it back to my router.

router# show voice call stat

0xE4682 1A29 0x66396EC0 4/0:23.21 4/3:4 *971234567 g729r8 801234567

0xE4686 1413 0x6616419C 1/0:23.23 1/3:1 *781234567 g729r8 691234567

0xE468E 295C 0x6616419C 1/0:23.16 1/2:1 1234564321 None 998/998

0xE468F 295C 0x6616419C 1/0:23.22 1/3:2 *1234564321 None 998/998

0xE4690 295D 0x6616419C 1/0:23.13 1/2:3 1234564321 None 998/998

0xE4691 295D 0x6616419C 1/0:23.21 1/3:3 *1234564321 None 998/998

0xE4692 295E 0x6616419C 1/0:23.1 1/1:1 1234564321 None 998/998

0xE4693 295E 0x6616419C 1/0:23.17 1/3:7 *1234564321 None 998/998

0xE4694 295F 0x66396EC0 4/0:23.20 4/3:5 1234564321 None 998/998

0xE4695 295F 0x6616419C 1/0:23.14 1/2:4 *1234564321 None 998/998

0xE4696 2960 0x664CCF74 4/0/0:23.3 4/5:1 1234564321 None 998/998

0xE4697 2960 0x6616419C 1/0:23.12 1/2:5 *1234564321 None 998/998

0xE4698 2961 0x6616419C 1/0:23.10 1/2:6 1234564321 None 998/998

0xE4699 2961 0x6616419C 1/0:23.11 1/2:7 *1234564321 None 998/998

0xE469A 2962 0x66396EC0 4/0:23.1 4/1:2 1234564321 None 998/998

0xE469B 2962 0x6616419C 1/0:23.9 1/2:8 *1234564321 None 998/998

0xE469C 2963 0x66396EC0 4/0:23.16 4/2:1 1234564321 None 998/998

0xE469D 2963 0x6616419C 1/0:23.8 1/1:2 *1234564321 None 998/998

0xE469E 2964 0x66396EC0 4/0:23.17 4/3:6 1234564321 None 998/998

0xE469F 2964 0x6616419C 1/0:23.7 1/1:3 *1234564321 None 998/998

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Re: Default Dial-peer


this is called tromboning. You need to configure a DP, like destination-pattern 10 dots, that still matches and send the call to disconnect.


Re: Default Dial-peer


My approach would be to prepend (Call Manager or translation pattern in router)a special character or access code on outbound calls. As an example using * on your outbound POTS peer.

destination-pattern *.T

Your inbound calls will never match the * and can't head back out the PRI.

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Re: Default Dial-peer

So what you are saying is I some how have to add a * to all outbound calls......hmmmm how would I do that?

We have some clients using a 2801 with FXS cards, some come from our SIP environment (OpenSer - Asterix) and a few from CME's.



Re: Default Dial-peer

You use translation patterns for the routers. I would guess that Asterix can do it, but don't know.

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Re: Default Dial-peer

The idea makes sense, except that we ahve over 500 client sites or 300 routers, and 200 sites with SIP phones.

A bit to much work to make changes on that global of a scale.

Thanks anyways,


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