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Dial Peer redundancy


My Customer wants a fault tolerant setup for VoIP. There will be two 7200 or 3845 routers, each with E1/ PRI card. Each router will connect to a seperate E1/PRI card in the PBX.

The fault tolerant setup which my customer wants is that whenever one of the E1/PRI links goes down, the call should get routed through the other link.

For outgoing calls the solution looks to be simple. The PBX can be configured to place calls through the other trunk when it senses a E1/PRI trunk has gone down.What about incoming calls? Calls landing on the router which has a failed trunk will not mature.Is there a way by which the calls can be made to land on the other router? Any brilliant ideas?

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Re: Dial Peer redundancy

Yes, why not...

Imagine the two routers have IP connectivity between them.

Then a call comes into the 7200 and has to be routed via the E1 interface to the PBX, but it does not work. Then the call can go via VoIP to the 3845 and be routed to the PBX via the 3845's E1 trunk.

Is that what you want to accomplish?

It can be implemented very easy with the help of two dial-peers matching the same destination pattern but with a different "preference".

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