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Disconnecting call based on h323 credit time

We are having billing issues, our billing system is rounding off the no. of seconds.

When we recived a call, billing system will check is how much credit left for the account then send this data to AS5300

EXAMPLE: system passed to Cisco GW the following attributes in the authorization response:
h323-ivr-in = DURATION:180
h323-return-code = 0
h323-currency = SGD
h323-credit-time = 180

The AS5300 should end the call when reached 180 sec.

but the end of the call AS5300 passed the ff data to our billing system:

NAS-IP-Address = 'x.x.x.x'
User-Name = '5555657466'
Called-Station-Id = '60379806579'
Calling-Station-Id = '65601865'
Acct-Status-Type = 'Stop'
h323-call-origin = 'originate'
h323-setup-time = '10:44:29.469 cct Wed Mar 10 2010'
h323-connect-time = '10:44:40.511 cct Wed Mar 10 2010'
h323-disconnect-time = '10:47:40.522 cct Wed Mar 10 2010'
h323-disconnect-cause = '10'
Acct-Session-Time = '180'

Our billing system is using tht h323-connect-time and h323-disconnect-time to compute for the duration of the call.

from the above data the call duration is 3 mins and 0.011sec or 180.011secs that exceeds the credit limit of 180 secs. Our billing system is rounding this off to 181 seconds.

Is there a way that the AS5300 will disconnect the call less than or exactly equal to 180 sec?


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Re: Disconnecting call based on h323 credit time


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