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DX 650 collaboration phone - video conferencing

  Hi All,

We have purchased and setup DX 650 collaboration phones, video is working a treat however when you try and conference in a another video call it fails.

Does this phone offer ad-hoc video conferencing as a feature? If so how is it configured. I couldnt find any info in the Administration guide..   

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Did you get this resolved?  I

Did you get this resolved?  I just discovered the same issue in my environment.

CUCM 9.1(2)

DX650 can exchange video with another DX650, c40 codecs and Jabber, but if a third party is added, conference reverts to audio only.

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Hi there, We have it working,

Hi there,


We have it working, this was quite a long time ago, I cannot remember what exactly we did.


There is a video calling feature under the device configuration of the DX650, make sure this is enabled.


Also try upgrading the firmware if the above fails, we found newer more stable releases a few years back, just note the the display settings are different between firmware releases.

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Thanks.  All devices are

Thanks.  All devices are video-enabled.  They can participate in a conference call with video when it's hosted by one of our telepresence codecs, but not with each other.  I found two service parameters referenced in documentation - Advanced Ad Hoc Conference Enabled (True) and Choose Encrypted Audio Conference instead of Video Conference (False) but changing them didn't help.

I know this is an old thread, but do you recall if you had to add a conference bridge resource specific to video capabilities or not?  I can take it up with TAC from here.

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Hi there, We have a dedicated

Hi there,

Under Service paramters > Call Manager services > Clusterwide Parameters (Feature - Conference)

I can see the services you are talking about, our cucm 8.6.2.


Please check if you have a MRGL assigned to your DX650 phones and the MRGL has the resources required for conferencing.

I'll try dig up some more info but maybe tac is an option.


Good luck!



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