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E&M with Motorola


We have the following scenario: 11 sites for ISF that are being linked via microwave units. In each site we are installing a security router (security 2801) in order to provide the site-site VPN (DMVPN) between all sites.

We have in each site a Motorolla unit that has the E&M interface type. Each motorolla unit has to connect via its E&M port to our router (via the router e&M port), which is linked to the microwave units, that give a wireless connectivity to the main site.

In the main site there is a main Motorolla unit that has also E&M ports (which needs a main router that has E&M cards). So we have upgraded the routers in order to have the E&M card each, and several E&M for the main router, and to connect each router via this card to each Motorolla unit interface.

In the main site, motorolla unit has 11 E&M interfaces, each one should communicate with a specific E&M of one of the 11 edge sites. Which means E&M port 1 in the main site, should communicate directly & always for ex with Saida E&M port. E&M port 2 in the main site, should communicate directly & always for ex with Tripoli E&M port. All this will pass through our routers.

Is this feasible???

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Re: E&M with Motorola

looking at the design ,the solution looks feasible.

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Re: E&M with Motorola

Thank you,

Can you please send me the configuration ?

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